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R&D Achievement Awards winner on 2012



1st Prize Winners

Ir. Ting Deng Ing,
How Ja-Mie,
Khoo Lai Peng


RC Wall Design Spreadsheet

2nd Prize Winners

Ir. Loh Yee Eng,
Tong Han Seng

Strutting Design

3rd Prize Winners

Tong Han Seng

Plotting Automation in Grapher

Merit Prize Winners

Ir. Loh Yee Eng

Back-calculated Bending Moment Diagram for Deflection Profile

Ir. Loh Yee Eng

Pile Design Length based on Meyerhof's formula

Ir. Ting Deng Ing,
Lam Yoke Woh


Nail Load Support Diagram

Andrew Yap Voon Yew,
Hoh Chee Wong,
Chia Wai Mun


Intranet Search Engine

Ir. Lee Peir Tien,
Gu Kok Kin

Monthly Workload Spreadsheet

Consolation Prize Winners

Ir. Chow Chee Meng


Building Damage Assessment due to Tunnelling

Ir. Loh Yee Eng,
Lee Yap Chong


Ground Anchor Design

Ir. Choong Kean Wui


OP for RC pile design & detailing

Ir. Choong Kean Wui


TM for SI of Tunnel Project

Siti Fariza Abdul Hamid,
Muhammad Thariq B. Jusof Khadidi,
Aimirul Fahmi B. Aimi


Summary of RMR system for rock Mapping- Tunneling

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