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ISO-Technical Colloquium is scheduled from 5pm to 6pm at G&P's Conference Room.

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ISO-Technical Colloquium
Internal Colloquium Schedule – 2015 2014 |
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Date Title Of Talks`
Name Of Staff
6/01/2015 Excavatability Assessment via GSI Approach IR. DR. WONG SHIAO YUN
8/01/2015 Procedure for PQP MS. KANG YEE PING
15/01/2015 Common Issues and Myths Remained Unresolved in Geotechnical Pratices IR. LIEW SHAW SHONG
22/01/2015 Small - Strain Stiffness of Soil IR. CHOW CHEE MENG
27/01/2015 Point Load Test IR. LOH YEE ENG
29/01/2015 MSPR 8 Construction of Foundation MS. NOOR AZLINA BTE AZHARI
5/02/2015 Procedure for Design Control MR. LAM YOKE 'WOH
10/02/2015 Standard Penetration Test & Mackintosh Test  IR. LOW CHEE LEONG
12/02/2015 Iron Ore Distribution Centre IR. LEE PEIR TIEN
26/02/2015 Experience Sharing ;  Construction of Foundation for Hospital Building IR. SHAFINA SABARUDDIN
3/03/2015 Earthwork Compaction  IR. CHEAH SIEW WAI
5/03/2015 Procedure for Quality Records MS. TEH WAI SAN
10/03/2015 Permeability Test IR. LOW CHEE LEONG
19/03/2015 Piling Work at Limestone Area MS. TEI CHIEW LING
24/03/2015 Effective Stress IR. TAN YEAN CHIN 
26/03/2015 Ground Treatment for Soft Ground IR. TAN YEAN CHIN
7/04/2015 Shear Strength  IR. TAN YEAN CHIN 
9/04/2015 Procedure for Document and Data Control MS. KHOO LAI PENG
16/04/2015 Design and Construction for KT Drawbridge IR. KOO KUAN SENG
21/04/2015 Stress in Soil Masses//Stress Path (Part 1 & Part 2) IR. TAN YEAN CHIN 
23/04/2015 Piling Work at Soft Ground Area IR. TING DENG ING
30/04/2015 Rock Mapping  at Quarry Site Using LIDAR Technology MR. TIONG CHIONG NGU, PHILIP
7/05/2015 Introduction to ISO Standard MR. ASHTON HONG BOON KHANG
14/05/2015 Design and Construction Considerations for Steel Struts in Excavation of KVMRT Project in Malaysia IR. LOH YEE ENG
19/05/2015 Introduction to Critical State Soil Mechanics (Part 1 & Part 2) IR. TAN YEAN CHIN 
21/05/2015 Challenges in the Property Development on Soft Ground DATO' IR. DR. GUE SEE SEW
4/06/2015 Procedure for Internal Quality Audit MS. JASON LIM AING HO
11/06/2015 Ground settlement issues at Alam Sutera DR. GUE CHANG SHIN
16/06/2015 Permeability & Seepage IR. DR. WONG SHIAO YUN
18/06/2015 Maintained Load Test by Reaction Pile System MR. LEE YAP CHONG, JOHN
25/06/2015 Construction Issues for Proposed Mercedes-Benz Integrated Facilities, Headquarter and Training Centre at Kinrara IR. HO SHU FENG
30/06/2015 Deformability/Consolidation IR. CHEAH SIEW WAI
2/07/2015 Jack-in Pile Foundation System in Taman Melawati MR. LIANG YIT CHUNG, STEVE
9/07/2015 Procedure for Design, Review, Verification & Validation  MS. ONG KAH PENG
9/07/2015 Design of RC pile for Project Centralise Office at Nusajaya  MS. NAEMAH BINTI ESA
14/07/2015 Characterisation of Soils for Engineering Purposes IR. CHOW CHEE MENG
16/07/2015 Jack-in Pile Fondation System in Limestone Formation (South Quay Ph2, RC8) IR. DR. WONG SHIAO YUN
23/07/2015 Supervision checklist for HSDPT MS. TEH WAI SAN
28/07/2015 Soil Slope Stability  MS. TEI CHIEW LING
30/07/2015 XMU Foundation Construction Works IR. LOW CHEE LEONG
6/08/2015 Procedure for Client Feedback  MR. LEE YAP CHONG, JOHN
11/08/2015 Rock Slope Stability  MR. TIONG CHIONG NGU, PHILIP
13/08/2015 Ground Improvement for KDU @ Batu Kawan MR. LAM YOKE 'WOH
20/08/2015 Design and Construction for Genting Element Project MR. ASHTON HONG BOON KHANG
25/08/2015 Design of Retaining Wall and Support Systems for Deep Basement Construction  IR. CHOW CHEE MENG
27/08/2015 Viaduct Foundation Design IR. DARRYL FONG CHEW CHUNG 
3/09/2015 Procedure for Product Identification and Traceability  MR. LIANG YIT CHUNG, STEVE
3/09/2015 Subsurface Investigation in Limited Heightroom Space MR. MOHAMAD SAIFUL AZLIE BIN AHMAD
10/09/2015 Geophysical Survey  MS. KANG YEE PING
17/09/2015 QA and QC for Earthwork Compaction MS. KHOO LAI PENG
22/09/2015 Ground Improvement IR. SHAFINA SABARUDDIN/IR. LEE PEIR TIEN 
23/09/2015 Penang World City Reclamation - A Brief Overview MR. JASON LIM AING HO
1/10/2015 Proposed Development of Parcel 1A of D'Estuary MS. ONG KAH PENG
6/10/2015 Shallow Foundation  IR. CHOW CHEE MENG
8/10/2015 ISO 9001 Overview MS. NOOR AZLINA BTE AZHARI
8/10/2015 Proposed Marina and Waterfront at Teluk Burau, Langkawi MS. LIM YOK CHIN
15/10/2015 Proposed Strengthening Works for Jacking Pile Cap for SK316 MR. SOH TEK PENG
20/10/2015 Cone Penetration Test (CPU/CPTU) IR. TING DENG ING
22/10/2015 Ground Treatment at Batu Kawan MR. SEAH CHOON SHEAN 
29/10/2015 Mixed Development at Phase 1 Stage 6 (6.83 acres), Putra Heights MR. LIM BOON LIN, COLIN
3/11/2015 Settlement Analysis  IR. HO SHU FENG
5/11/2015 Procedure for Site Supervision Plan  MR. SOH TEK PENG
5/11/2015 Integrated RC Wall MS. CHONG SHIN YEE
11/11/2015 Review of Pile Deviation at Fabric Filter for Tanjung Bin MR. CHEE FONG WAH
12/11/2015 Cross-hole Seismic Testing Methods for Determination of Small-Strain Stiffness Parameters for Basement Excavation MR. DARRELL CHOONG THIAM CHYE
17/11/2015 Static Pile Load Test IR. DARRYL FONG CHEW CHUNG
19/11/2015 Alternative Foundation Design for Sunway RC2 MR. KWANG KIM LUP
24/11/2015 Deep Foundation  DR. GUE CHANG SHIN
26/11/2015 Proposed Mixed Development at Dataran Ukay MS. NORSHAZWINA BINTI JOHARI
1/12/2015 High Strain Dynamic Pile Test IR. LOH YEE ENG
3/12/2015 Procedure on Role of Checker & Reviewer IR. PUSPANATHAN SUBRAMANIAM
3/12/2015 Hill Site Development at Cheras Hijauan MR. TEO LII BINN
8/12/2015 Pull Out Test for Soil Nail IR. KOO KUAN SENG
10/12/2015 Affordable House Scheme at Ampang Jajar MS. ATIQAH BINTI AZMI
15/12/2015 Introduction to Plaxis Finite Element Analyses IR. LOW CHEE LEONG
17/12/2015 Highrise on Limestone MS. NURSYAKIRAH BINTI ISMAIL
23/12/2015 Foundation Design at Mukim Setapak (Wangsa Maju Condo) MR. WONG KOK WENG, ALBERT
29/12/2015 Introduction To PDS Workshop IR. DR. WONG SHIAO YUN/MS. TEI CHIEW LING
31/12/2015 Proposed Development at Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur MR. MOSES HON CHA YAT

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